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The brightest flashlight I've ever owned AND I LOVE IT!

I don't know how a lot of these folks are getting these items at a discount or free to review them but I want to tell you THAT I PAID FULL PRICE....
AND I LOVE IT! The brightest flashlight I've ever owned in a compact size that's rechargeable, a beam that I can focus, and I can charge all my other electronics from it! And if you get the pleasure to deal with John you'll find he stands behind his products, any means what he says!

I have worked face to face with my customers in their Homes, and on the phone for all of FORTY YEARS. There are a lot of people who must be trained for customer service, and others who just know the right thing to do... When I first started working back in the mid-seventies, I worked for Sears and Roebuck.
You may not be old enough to remember, but printed over their door and on every credit card was their mission statement, simply "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK" in gold letters!
Thank you for having EXCELLANT customer service!
While I completely understand that "stuff happens" in business, it is all about how you recover........well done sir!
I will forward this letter to Amazon, and post it as a "review".

By Steven Lasko on December, 22, 2015

Fantastic Lantern!

As someone who lives in tornado alley and someone who likes to be outdoors and camping I can never have enough flashlights or lanterns! I absolutely love this Xtreme Bright Solar Lantern. This lantern is not only a solar powered lantern but you can also charge it via a USB cable! I love the versatility in charging options. As I unpacked this lantern the first thing I notice is the shape. The body of this lantern is made of silicone and it holds its form very well. This also makes this a waterproof lantern which means if you are out fishing and need a place to stick your cell or cash or other small items to keep them dry then this would also double as a small watertight container. As far as light you have 3 settings. The first click gives great light and it's the dimmest option. The second click of the power button gives a very bright light. You're third click option gives you a flashing light. This would be great to signal if you needed help! The handle is easily removed and you can store it inside of the container so that you don't lose it and just snap it back on when you need it. The last feature is that this lantern is collapsible! All you need to do is slightly unscrew the lid so that air can escape, and press the silicone body down and together pushing the air out. Once you have it as small as you'd like just tighten the lid while holding it in place. This allows it to go to half its size or a little less giving you the ability to store it in a smaller space. To bring it back to its original shape just unscrew the lid! It's just that easy! I really like this lantern and recommend it as a gift for anyone who does any outdoors activities. Or buy it for a neighbor or friend or yourself to have an extra light for those emergencies that always happen! You can never have enough extra lanterns or lights!

By Miranda P. on September, 29, 2015

The motion sensor feature is awesome!

The new LED headlamps are quite remarkable when it comes to functionality and the extreme bight light they give off. The X-99 Headlamp is durable and has a stretchy adjustable head strap that goes around the head and one that goes over the top of your head. Most headlamps only have the one strap that goes around your head, but the only problem is that it can slip if it is not tight enough. The double strap system stays in place and I have no fear of it falling off. The X-99 headlamp is not just for outdoor use; it can be a lifesaver indoors too. The headlamp is also great for night safety, fishing, hunting, and hiking as well as for emergency lighting.

The X-99 headlamp is made of a soft stretchy material that feels good against the skin. The head straps are adjustable. The LED light puts out 150 lumens and only requires 3 AAA batteries. The battery pack is located at the back of the headlamp. It has a silicone cover that goes over a hard plastic case which houses the batteries. Connected to the battery pack is a coiled wire that runs along the band strap. The LED lamp housing is made of hard plastic, but the lamp itself is made of high grade military grade aluminum which is impact and waterproof. The headlamp housing can be adjusted up and down to adjust the angle of the light.

The X-99 has one feature that I have no seen ever on any other headlamps and that is the motion sensor. On the top of the headlamp housing you will find a large orange button that turns the light on and off. On the side of the headlamp housing there is a small orange button when you push this button you activate the motion sensor. Wave you hand in front of the headlamp and the light comes on. This is an awesome feature if you need the light to come on and off, but need your hands free.

By Marjorie Zielinski on September, 28, 2015

Xtreme Bright® X-2500 LED Light & Power Bank Is A Must Have For All Households!

This Xtreme Bright® X-2500 LED Light & Power Bank is what I would call a must have for every household. Even if you don't go camping or spend much time outside in the dark this flashlight will indeed come in handy for when power goes out for weather problems or just a regular outage. The flashlight has 3 different modes bright,mid-bright,and strobe which is really neat to have. It also has a zoom feature so that you can easily get it to where you need it to be.

This flashlight is rechargeable and comes with a USB for you to charge it which is very easy since on the bottom of the flashlight is a spot to you can screw off which uncovers where you plug the USB into as well as where you can put your USB from your phone so that you can charge your phone with this flashlight! The only thing that I don't really care for with this flashlight is that the button to turn the flashlight on and off is actually with the USB ports on the bottom of the flashlight which is a little bit strange but it's not that big of a problem. Overall this is a very nice flashlight & power bank to have since it's a 2 in 1! I would definitely recommend this Xtreme Bright X2500 LED Light & Power Bank!

**I received a discount on this product for testing and reviewing purposes and this is my honest and unbiased opinion**

By Whittnee on July, 22, 2015
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