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Despite getting into 21st century still use of solar power on small scale operation is something unfamiliar even to the civilized world, for example, very few trades and even real estate development business make a decision of utilizing solar panels to operate their exterior lights, though the areas still not have sufficient cabling facility, solar lights can really make the difference, supporting both financial and efficacy stance.

In the past six months, pioneers of the commercial products for these solutions, Sol Lighting, a Palm City, Fla.-based company producing specialized exterior LED lighting assortments plus Clear Blue Technologies, a Toronto-based manufacturer of lighting controls with number of smart network parts involving in experimentation regarding viability of solar and wind-powered lights. Both has a worth of commercial outdoor lighting business over $ 11 billion, has announced swing to LED solutions.

Furthermore, in 2012, 54% of the 2 million outdoor lights mounted along highways and tunnels across the globe were LED system, claimed by Strategies Unlimited revealed in January last. All other projections from Navigant Research forecasted delivery of smart, LED street illuminations would exceed 17 million by end of year 2020. No one apart from Sol in particular, has established a worldwide presence, in November 2013; they have installed more than 60,000 smart, LED systems in 60 different countries of more than 10-megawatt solar capacity.

“The $11 billion-plus commercial outdoor lighting market is experiencing a solar and LED renaissance,” said Dibs Tailor, president and CEO of Sol Lighting, in a statement. “This 10 megawatt milestone confirms our leadership in this space and is a testament to our superior design, manufacturing and technology capabilities. By carefully integrating cutting-edge photovoltaic, LED and battery storage technologies into high-quality outdoor lighting products, we have made solar lighting very cost-effective and even more reliable.” He further exclaimed that street illuminations like companies 20/20, 10/10 along with Greenway technology has a great share of it, though Sol mainly trades pertaining to integrated technologies mainly for bus stops, transit shelters, signs and emergency supports.

In the U.S alone, Sol acquired many new projects, particularly in areas without regular electricity. One in Los Angeles County Arboretum, across its 127-acre soil; in addition to the Top Gun Flight School in Fallon, Nev., in sub-stations near aircraft fueling stations, also working on 146 systems, meant for swap meet business in Las Vegas. Premier Homes in Richmond, Va., were also Sol’s clients for a 40-home based residential area.So far, with the savings of nearly $600,000 for these installations, the system has endured two hurricanes without any damage, and the same lights are considered in another Richmond housing expansion.

However, despite the great success it’s not practical to suppose solar lighting to be replaced the traditional means for years as leaving behind installation apprehensions, it’s hard to neglect the cost factor easily. Fortunately, the system will find response in places where safety and network infrastructure considered as same concern. Aside from Sol and Clear Blue, some other industries such as Solar Street Lights USA,, Solar Lighting International, Solar Electric Power Co., and Silicon Solar have shown their interest in growing these technologies.

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