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To avoid any road mishap let there be light, make sure you’re clearly noticeable to other faster traffic means, and illuminate the road ahead with LED bike lights. Though you have another option of conventional battery operated bike lights they noticeable to other road traffic, still LED units – on average a bit expensive – are the perfect and reliable alternative for riding your bike off-road in the dark where you need some certain and definitive illumination system to avoid any crash. Many LED options are available to fix on your helmet for greater versatility. Pedal-powered dynamo systems are more economical compare to LED units – but to stay illuminated you must continue to pedal.

One can say whatever they want about riders safety and learning, but the truth remains that you’re never be safe especially during night time in the darkness without the appropriate bicycle front and rear lights. Looking after several alternatives for head and back lights, the best contemporary illumination option is ultra bright LED headlight and rear lights that keep you on track and save you from any unfortunate incident from front or back. If your bike gives the other traffic 5-10 seconds (that is equal to .1-.2 tenths of a mile at highway law of speeds) early indication of your presence, you can avert the possibilities of any potential mishap. In reality, most drivers that pass you will be pleased about the simple and useful means of your warning system.

LED is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode that is a semi-conductor responsible in producing light, while current streaming from the anode to the cathode inside the semi-conductor, and electrons start flowing into the junction flanked by the two sides. When an electron meets an electron hole, it discharges energy famously known as photon (the scientific name of light). However, what color light is generating depends on the quality and material used in semiconductor.

Advantage of LED Head and Back Lights

LEDs headlights and backlights achieve full power instantly. LED lights are very energy-efficient.

Since LED is an emerging technology, still it used for lots of applications, apart from head and back lights it is used in automotive brake systems, LED technology is changing swiftly and may soon be the #1, lighting technology.

LEDs generate far less heat than other contemporary alternatives, and can easily be fixed in smaller housings. LED has longer life span compare to other options and much tougher as well. However, LED’s does not perform well, their longevity and brightness start failing if they become too hot, use good quality housing to avoid LED heat ups.

The color temperature varied manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore use a good quality white LEDs that can give you rather brighter light.
For safer completion of your journey, LED head and backlights work hard for the money.

With guarantee of quality and tested thoroughly, each of our unit meets the highest bicycle lighting standards, enjoy a safe and comfortable ride during the darkness with our head and rear lights.

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