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What is the life of LED’s?

Currently, this does not have any standard definition to measure the exact life of a LED Bulb. Still LED’s usually don’t stop working just by burning it out; instead, it will slowly trim down its light output with the passage of time, though normally it will carry on to function even after 100,000 hours, and continuing to utilize electricity even if it generate nominal of use light. Leaving older technology, the new, high-power, white LED’s have drastically improved the lumen maintenance, which resulted in far greater lamp life of over 25,000 hours.

Recent studies by the Lighting Research Center have confirm that these new gadgets preserve their light output for considerably extended periods of times compared to indicator-type LED’s based on older technology. The secret for this improvement lay behind improved thermal management in addition to heat sinking attributes of these new inventions. It has been noticed that whenever a fluorescent lighting gadget is getting dimmed, it might show abridged dependability and span of lamp life; this is not true for LED’s. Its life and light output dilapidation are mostly caused by the junction temperatures, higher junction temperatures resulting in abridged life traits.

The Secrets of a Thriving LED Lights

The key to a successful LED fixture design is lying in correct thermal management. There have been a number of aspects that have an effect on the thermal attributes of every fixture such as weather and air temperatures! And LED’s particularly endure from offensive thermal design. Use of an effective lighting fixture that is conducting away the heat generated by LED lamps is overriding, this is the key to the success of any LED lighting fixture as it enhances the life expectancy of your LED lamp.

Similar to all other lighting options, there will be a sure wear and tear throughout the use of LED light, which is another culprit that reducing the lifespan of the bulbs. To start with, you should take measures to control your light usage. Everything is affected by the natural process of aging so does the LED lamp too. They will get dimmer with extensive use and due course of time but we start reckoning this factor when LED lamp almost decreases its performance up to 70-80%, to avoid, check with unnecessary running for long duration at a stretch.

Also avoid frequent switching on and off the bulbs, it will also influence badly on lamps lifespan. At least give enough time to a lamp to cool down. This practice will ensure the normal lifespan of your lamp (Unless until damage caused by some manufacturing fault). Last but not the least, there are number of manufacturers producing a loads of LED lights with their own specs, so ensure purchasing a quality led light bulbs as this will also help you a lot to lower the risk of damaging your LED light in short span of time.

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