Bicycles have always been a popular vehicle for travel and recreational use. They don’t require any gas and can be used conveniently at any time, including at night. The only problem is nighttime bike riding can get dangerous because of all the motor vehicles on the road that run the risk of slamming into you. It doesn’t matter if you ride a mountain bike, street bike or children’s bike because the risk is all the same when riding at nighttime. That is why it is essential for a bike rider to purchase a waterproof LED bike light for their bicycle. The light usually goes on the back of your bicycle seat and can be seen by cars coming up next to you at night. This type of bicycle light is better than using a simple reflector because LED lights are brighter and don’t require another car’s headlights to make them shine. Plus, if it rains at night then reflectors will be harder for drivers to see. That isn’t the case with LED lights. Once a person in a car sees your LED lights they will know a bicycle rider is there and that will make them pay special attention to the road in order to avoid hitting you. The colors of the lights come in red and white. Which ever light you choose it will still be bright enough to be noticed at night.

LED lights can also help the bicycle riders themselves see better at night. If you attach the light to the front of your bike it can act as a mini headlight to see what is up ahead. You never know when some small animal or physical object might be in your bike riding path. There really is no reason not to purchase these LED lights. They are very inexpensive and can be a total life saver to the avid bike rider.

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