Like a lot of cyclists, you would agree to this: once you’ve quenched your thirst for urban riding, you get to the next stage. This often is night riding. Yet another layer gets added to this when you take to mountain biking. So, in effect, your time with your bicycle is typically pushed to post sunset hours – when you take to off-roading and trail riding with a vengeance.

But the question is: do you make sure safety is a concern taken of? It’s not difficult to guess how important powerful lights are for night riders indulging in mountain biking. However, a few pointers wouldn’t really harm.

The dangers of night riding

Lack of natural light to show you the way makes for a very real problem in itself. This is especially true when you’re talking of night riding and mountain biking in the same breath.

Steepness of terrain is a danger. Unless you can see the incline of your path, how will you even know how to carry on?

The other aspect that concerns a lot of mountain biking enthusiasts is that of covering long distances. In the night, this can be a big pain thanks to the lack of natural light. And since most of mountain biking is about going on trails, it’s important that there is at least one source of light to guide your way. Visibility is a throbbing issue not just for you but for anybody else who needs to see that you’re there in their path.

To see and to be seen

Powerful lights are a must when you’re out mountain biking during the evening and beyond. They’re for you to see your path and for fellow riders and drivers to spot you effectively. You have a variety of them available in the market.

You can get one that you can mount on your handle bar. Or, you could fix a blinking light at the back of your bike.

There are some lights that are quite versatile too. These can be used as a steady source of light or can even be turned into a blinking option, when necessary. Ones that are easy to fix and easy to detach can even serve as a flashlight.

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