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As the sun sets in the horizon, you dream of after dark adventures with your bicycle. It’s the kind of visual that pumps the adrenalin in you right away. But before you speed away – have you got bike lights to show you the way? Night riding is exciting but only as long as you are able to see what’s ahead of you. Why?

You need to see your path

This one’s simple but also easy to overlook. Dreaming about night riding but taking into consideration visibility you have during the day is just plain wrong. There could be so many things happening on that road that lies ahead of you – there could be animals crossing the road (if you’re off-roading), rough and unpredictable terrain or even something as serious as a vehicle pile-up (God forbid!). How will you ever know if you can’t see?

Other people need to see you

There’s another side to this story – other people need to see you as much as you need to see the road stretched out before you. It’s easy to be part of a collision if speeding vehicles from the other side don’t have a clue that you exist on the road – at the moment. And a single moment can make or break your night riding adventures. Remember: good bike lights reinforce your presence like nothing else.

There’s slush and there’s rain

Yes, the vagaries of weather are not easy to deal with. Now you know why we’re talking of ‘good’ bike headlights here. The spray that hits your light doesn’t do it any good and neither does the rain. The mud cakes it all up and what you’re left with is an apology for a bike light. But what if you do manage to find lights that are waterproof. The rain won’t be able to harm this one and render it useless. And what you’ll instead have are many more nights of riding without a care.

There are rough patches

While riding at night, you’re fighting multiple things – and weather is just one of them. A bad road or let’s just say, rough terrain is the other bugbear. Inevitably, some nasty falls are associated with night riding. But here’s no way that you’d appreciate a bike light that would conk off at the very first instance. So, when we say ‘good’, what we also mean is durable. In fact, good bike lights would actually help you avoid dangerous stretches – only because you’d be in a position to navigate better.

Enough is never enough when you’re stressing on the merits of a ‘good’ bike light. Xtreme Bright is the kind of LED bike light you’d consider if evening commute is your daily cuppa. It’s powerful and it’s bright – bright enough to show you what lies 500 feet ahead of you. Just the kind of visibility you’ve been looking for. And at a price that’s not going to leave you poor. But what you get essentially is a light that comes with a ‘money back guarantee’ – no questions asked!

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