Xtreme Bright® LED Emergency Vehicle Flashlight with Powerful Magnet & 3 Light Modes

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  • $16.99

  • 300 Lumen Illumination for Optimal Visibility & Maximum Safety
  • 3 Light Modes - Ultra Bright Front Light, 26 Super Bright LED's on Side Bar and Flashing Red 
  • Powerful Magnetic End Which Attaches to Metal Surface for Hands-Free Use Lighting 
  • Water & Shock Resistant Design for Use Under the Most Rugged Conditions When Reliable Light is a Necessity
  • Perfect Size to Fit in Glove Box for Easy Access if Your Car Breaks Down
  • Also Great for Car, Boat, RV, Workshop or Anywhere an Ultra Bright LED Flashlight is Needed
  • Providing over 50 continuous hours of illumination, this light will last for days if necessary for the security & comfort of your family
  • Requires 3 AAA Batteries (not included)
  • 100% Full Lifetime Guarantee!

Obnoxiously Bright, Keeps You & Your Loved Ones Safe
You already know how dangerous the side of the road is at night. Rather than risking it in the dark…take advantage of our super bright LED emergency flashlight that easily attaches magnetically to the side of your car, giving you light where you need it, plus bright blinking red light for oncoming traffic to see you and slow down!

Premium Light & Peace of Mind at A Price That Makes Sense
For less than the cost of a night out, you can give yourself the comfort and peace of mind of having a powerful, reliable, and safety-maximizing light right at your fingertips. Even if you (or the person you give it to) don’t ever use it, just having it the vehicle in case of emergency is an absolute must. Feel better, order a couple for your home, each car in your family, your boat, your RV or motor home and the office!

26 Super Bright LED Lights Make Sure Cars See You Even in Total Darkness
What happens if your car dies and the lights don’t work? Think a little dinky flashlight is enough to keep you safe? Rather than trusting your safety to a single light, you’re just minutes away from taking advantage of 26 extremely bright LEDs that’ll keep you safe and seen in an emergency.


  • Brightest, Water-Resistant LED Flashlight with Powerful Magnet to Attach to the Side of the Car or Anywhere a Bright Light is Needed!
    It’s not just for emergencies, you’re also getting a reliable LED flashlight with 26 super bright LED’s
  • Protection During Emergencies! Perfect Size for Glove Compartment to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe!
    If your loved ones; getting hurt or killed due to an accident is unacceptable to you, you need our emergency vehicle light in your glove compartment
  • 3-In-1 Peace of Mind at a Fair Price
    You’d have to buy 3 flashlights to match this one! For less than $25, our super bright, water-resistant LED flashlight has 3 lights in 1; 26 super bright LEDs on front of the flashlight, a side light on the light bar which is ultra bright white and a flashing red light. You CAN’T beat this!

What Our Customers Say

Best Flashlight Ever


I first purchased one of these for my daughter. Her and her husband camp a lot, and this seemed to be the best flashlight I could find. They went camping to Emerald Bay in Nevada, and there were bear lockers for the food and toiletries. They said with the magnet it was the best flashlight they had ever used, it lit up the entire cupboard, and it actually lights the way to the bathrooms. It has 3 functions, including a red blinking light that we tested and can be seen from quite a distance. So, I now bought one for our home. I have never had a flashlight that lit the entire garage when the lights go out, which happens in the Winter here in Reno, as it snows and gets pretty windy. When I bath with the lights out it had been always with candles. Not knowing how long we will be without electricity always prompts me to take my bath while the water is hot. This light is like having the actual lights on, with the magnet I can place it anywhere there is metal, and BTW, the magnet is very strong, I feel much safer and can actually see to walk around, candles are romantic and all, but this flashlight is great in every way. I would recommend this flashlight to anyone, it is a nice gift for someone to keep in their glove box, like a daughter who drives at night, or anyone who drives at night. Also, very reasonable price for the quality.

Perfect for any mechanic or handyman!!

This flashlight is user friendly and has multiple uses. The beam light has great projection and focus (tested up to 100 ft), the side light is super bright and can light up most large rooms. The side light has a red led emergency flashing light built into it, it also has a really strong magnet built into the bottom of the handle so you can stick it to any metal surface (perfect for mechanics). I have tested this light in cold, wet and pitch-black military operations and it meets the challenge. The warranty on this flashlight is GREAT and the vendor, maker of this flashlight guarantees their product, big plus in my book. I will buy a couple more as stocking stuffers.

on November 27, 2014

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