Xtreme Bright® X-2500 LED Light & Power Bank

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Xtreme Bright® X-2500 LED Light & Power Bank Features 2500 mAh USB Rechargeable Power Supply, Key-Chain Flashlight to Charge Your USB Devices, Clip to Your Pocket, 3 Light Modes & a Zoom Function. Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Backpack Accessories.

This handy LED flashlight provides brilliant light and charges all your USB and Micro USB devices (cables included) See images above. It’s compact, lightweight and comes with a handy pocket clip so it’s always available quickly when you need it. It’s made from military grade materials and features a ‘Zoom’ function for brilliant lighting. It’s 100% water resistant and has 3 light settings including one for energy conservation. Perfect for camping, boating, fishing or automotive. Order yours today!


  • Flashlight has 2500 mAh battery powered USB hub which charges MP3 players, cell phones, tablets & more
  • Rechargeable LED flashlight comes with standard USB & Micro USB cables for all your portable devices
  • All weather flashlight has ‘Zoom Focus’, 3 light modes: 100% Brightness, 50% Brightness & Strobe
  • Comes with key chain holder & pocket clip. Made from durable, water resistant, military grade material
  • Perfect power bank, nightlight, flashlight for camping, boating, fishing or auto emergency kits

What Our Customers Say

Great solid flashlight!

Well to be clear I ordered this flashlight for use as a flashlight, as a tire tech I use this to look under cars when they're lifted on the racks and in them occasionally to find dropped oil caps (Which is annoying). This flashlight is unbelievably bright once fully charged and works well. now the only thing I don't like on this flashlight is the button placement, I don't like the fact that I have to take the cap off every time I want to use it just to press the button but I do understand that it is there to protect the rubber grommet, or seal, and charging points from dirt and debris all in all a very well built flashlight. I haven't had any problems as of it yet. 

By Rasack on September 18, 2015


Excellent implementation of an ingenious idea!

This flashlight is literally amazing. The brightness is better than most other flashlights I have owned of this size. The design and build is impeccable. This flashlight is built very rugged and durable, while maintaining a sleek and sexy look. I would have paid more for a flashlight of this caliber, not even including the fact that it can be used to charge your phones, tablets, etc. The 2500 mAh power bank may not be enough to fully charge the giant 3200 mAh battery in my note 3, but it should handle normal size phones just perfect. My only gripe with this flashlight is that you have to remove the cap to turn it on, but I guess that is the price you pay to have a completely waterproof flashlight. Should you buy this product? Absolutely. Stop living in the dark and light up your life with this flashlight, or use it the charge your phone and call an electrician to fix your lights!

By Tommy Bulvan on September 14, 2015

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