Xtreme Bright® X-5500 LED Light & Power Bank

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Xtreme Bright® X-5500 LED Light and Power Bank is a Powerful 350 Lumen Flashlight with 3 Light Modes and a Powerbank All-in-one... Brighter than Basic Handheld Flashlights and is an MP3 Charging Station, Cell Phone Charger or Anything You Need to Charge Using a USB!

A flashlight is a flashlight, right? Not anymore. The Xtreme Bright® X-5500 is a convenient multi-function light that includes a powered USB hub to charge your cell phone and MP3 player. Its 3 mode operation (one button control) includes Bright, Half-Bright and Strobe light for emergencies plus a zoom function that focuses light where you need it. It’s also water and shock resistant, can serve as an LED lantern on camping, hunting and fishing trips plus makes a convenient work light for under the sink or under the hood. Takes the place of an automotive USB charger, convenient power bank for your USB compatible devices plus the right amount of focused light where you need it. The Xtreme Bright® X-5500 is not just a flashlight, it’s a highly versatile lighting tool. Comes with our 100% Lifetime Guarantee So Get yours today!


  • LED tactical flashlight with push button control – Bright, Half-Bright and Strobe for emergency situations.
  • Zoom function works in all modes to focus light where you need it: work light, boat, fishing, emergency vehicle light
  • Shock and water resistant, great for outdoor activities, recreational vehicles, hiking and camping
  • Brightest flashlight for its size at 350 Lumens, easy to carry, extremely durable – A must have for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Convenient USB / Micro USB hub to charge MP3 players, cell phones, etc…Includes Keychain & adjustable strap

What Our Customers Say

Flashlight with all the extras By Triumph Innovations

This it the Brightest Hand held flashlight I have ever seen. I can charge my smart phone and my tablet and MP3 player from this light. You have everything on this one light so when you go fishing or hiking no need to carry other chargers.This flashlight also had different modes for different the light Super bright, less light, and a strobe light. It is waterproof and shock resistant, Light weight and more. One word to sum this Extreme Bright X-5500 LED Light up is FABULOUS !! This light is also guaranteed for LIFE

By Mary Alice Ross on January 26, 2016 


Good quality and bright

I gave this flashlight a 5 for its rugged frame and excellent illumination. It has a very bright light and two other features that dim and strobes the light . The instructions are the only negative part of the X-5500. Instructions were printed on the box but does not tell you what the round "in" port is for. Has a standard USB port for charging devices with a USB cord but you would have to supply your own cable if you wanted to charge like your I-phone.
All in all a good reliable light that is worth owning.

By Yakaphil on January 22, 2016

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