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Brilliant Headlamp - Unique Design - Perfect Automotive Spot Light & A Great Addition To Your Camping & Hiking Equipment - Ideal When You Need A Reliable Flashlight Or Portable Work Light TO Illuminate Your Path At Night - Comes In Sonic Silver & Stealth Black

This powerful, LED light doubles as a portable headlamp that’s great for biking, jogging, hiking or a handheld flashlight for camping, roadside vehicle emergencies, boating & fishing. See images above. The front part of the lamp detaches – twist it onto the base and turn it into a brilliant, handheld flashlight. Front lights feature 3 light-modes: 100% brightness on ‘solid’, 50% energy-saver mode & 100% brightness on ‘blinking’. Rear, ‘caution’ light also has 3 modes: flashing, blinking and solid. Comes with our Money-Back, Satisfaction Guarantee so order it today with confidence!

  • LED flashlight is zoomable & has 3 light modes upfront: max brightness, blinking & energy-saver
  • Headlamp features 3 rear red safety lights you can switch between flash, blinking & solid lighting
  • Detach front of headlamp, twist it onto base for powerful flashlight when camping, hiking or fishing
  • Perfect, waterproof safety light for emergency vehicle, bike helmet, recreational vehicles & boats
  • Our brightest flashlight/nightlight combination comes with a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

What Our Customers Say

Very bright headlamp!!

I purchased the Xtreme Bright Safety Headlamp. We are a family that participates in many outdoor activities and a headlamp is very useful at night to stay hands free. The headlamp is heavier than other we have but also feels more durable if dropped or stepped on. It also can be converted to a flashlight which is a bonus for us. This headlamp needs a lithium battery, so we are hoping it lasts much longer than our others that take AA. My husband used the headlamp while helping remove a tree after a storm and being able to angle the light while wearing it was very helpful. This headlamp and its flashlight handle are a must in our emergency kit.

By Betsy G on April 14, 2016


2 hiking essentials in one awesome product!!

LOVE this lamp!! Lightweight, easy to wear! The light can be used as a headlamp OR a flashlight and both are super bright! The rear tail light is an added bonus, also lightweight and easy to operate. Each feature has its own easy to find button. Does require speciality batteries but they hold more power and are rechargeable so totally worth it! The battery case and charger are NOT included, those I ordered separately. This is going to make night hiking SO much easier, hands free will be life changing!! The head straps are soft and super adjustable, fits great to my favorite hat! Very happy with my purchase!

By Brandi Glaske on April 4, 2016

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