Xtreme Bright® X-99 Sensor LED Headlamp

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Xtreme Bright® X-99 Sensor LED Headlamp - Nightlight Flashlight is Hands Free & More Convenient than the Basic Handheld Flashlights.  Just Turn it On & Off with a Swipe of Your Hand – 100% Guaranteed For Life

A flashlight is an indispensable tool, but what if you need light and your hands free at the same time? The Xtreme Bright® X-99 Headlamp is the perfect solution–it’s a safety night light, hiking light, emergency light and trouble light all in one. It is a bright Cree flashlight that can be used for emergencies or outdoor activities that require your hands free. This portable light can be used as an LED lantern on fishing and camping trips or anytime you need light while you’re working, walking or playing. Buy one for each vehicle plus the boat and auto emergency kit–get yours today!


  • Bright, hands free illumination, adjustable straps that stays on your head, comfortable and cutting edge technology hand wave sensor that turns light off/on easily
  • Great trouble light, work light or sporting light – aims light exactly where you want it for working or playing in the dark
  • Take along for fishing and camping, perfect for hands free work or play, great for backpacking–light stays ahead of you and keeps your hands free
  • Highest quality, water resistant, impact resistant ABS and military grade aluminum components with a super bright 150 Lumen Cree LED, always reliable & durable

    What Our Customers Say

    The motion sensor feature is awesome!

    The new LED headlamps are quite remarkable when it comes to functionality and the extreme bight light they give off. The X-99 Headlamp is durable and has a stretchy adjustable head strap that goes around the head and one that goes over the top of your head. Most headlamps only have the one strap that goes around your head, but the only problem is that it can slip if it is not tight enough. The double strap system stays in place and I have no fear of it falling off. The X-99 headlamp is not just for outdoor use; it can be a lifesaver indoors too. The headlamp is also great for night safety, fishing, hunting, and hiking as well as for emergency lighting.

    The X-99 headlamp is made of a soft stretchy material that feels good against the skin. The head straps are adjustable. The LED light puts out 150 lumens and only requires 3 AAA batteries. The battery pack is located at the back of the headlamp. It has a silicone cover that goes over a hard plastic case which houses the batteries. Connected to the battery pack is a coiled wire that runs along the band strap. The LED lamp housing is made of hard plastic, but the lamp itself is made of high grade military grade aluminum which is impact and water resistant. The headlamp housing can be adjusted up and down to adjust the angle of the light.

    The X-99 has one feature that I have no seen ever on any other headlamps and that is the motion sensor. On the top of the headlamp housing you will find a large orange button that turns the light on and off. On the side of the headlamp housing there is a small orange button when you push this button you activate the motion sensor. Wave you hand in front of the headlamp and the light comes on. This is an awesome feature if you need the light to come on and off, but need your hands free.

    By Marjorie Zielinski on September, 28, 2015


    Wow! Xtreme(ly) Bright and Xtreme(ly) Awesome!

    This is so neat! My husband frequently wears headlamps while working as a mail carrier when it starts to get dark early in the winter, so I picked this up for him. I honestly want to keep it for myself! 100% lifetime guarantee is so awesome too! Figuring out how to use it was very easy, you insert the batteries, adjust the straps on the sides and put it on. The buttons are easy to push and the hand wave sensor is completely amazing! I can't wait to put this to use while camping! The light itself is super bright, it lit up my already lit dining room. The item itself came well packaged. I can see this product lasting a very long time. Thank you so much, Xtreme Bright!

    By Beth Upgold on September, 29, 2015

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