LED Camping Lantern - Collapsible & Lightweight at ONLY 6 oz. (30% Off)

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Xtreme Bright® LED Camping Lantern - Light Weight & Collapsible! Water Resistant, Brightest & Most Compact, Only 6 Ounces. Reliable & Durable. Perfect For Camping, Fishing, Hunting or Hiking. Compact Enough to Fit Easily In Your Backpack and Comes with Our 100% Lifetime Guarantee

“The Most Convenient & Durable Lantern!”
Finally you can always have bright, dependable light on your hiking or camping trips without having to lug around a heavy lantern! Less than 5 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter when it’s collapsed, only 6 ounces in weight, you can take it anywhere!

Here’s What a Few of Our Raving Fans Are Saying
“Very innovative design” “Perfect for camping or hiking” “I absolutely love it” “Fits right in my backpack” “No cords or winding up to mess with” “Very well built and convenient” “Perfect lantern for in the car”

A Must-Have for Hikers or Campers…Collapses Right into Your Backpack!
For less than the cost of a night out, you can make your next hiking or camping trip better than ever before! It’s time to experience what the extremely bright light from a quality lantern without the hassle of a heavy, clunky design can do for you!

The PERFECT Gift to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe & Protected in the Dark!
If you’ve got a loved one who hikes, camps, hunts or goes fishing... having a quality lantern is an absolute must. Give them a unique, reliable, super bright, and sleek gift they’ll absolutely love…and give yourself the comfort and peace of mind knowing they’re protected and safe with the ability to see in the dark.

Super Bright, Water Resistant, Durable LED Lights, Weighs Only 6 Ounces
Whether you’re hiking in the rain or camping in a wet spot, your new durable, water resistant lantern will stay bright and lit! With the 7 ultra-bright LED’s (15000-18000 LED MCD), you’ll have an obnoxiously bright light with only 3 AA batteries.

100% Lifetime Guarantee ($19.99 Value), Included for FREE!

Our 100% Lifetime Guarantee is the best in the business. Please be careful, after browsing other lanterns it’s apparent that other vendors are selling cheap products and do not provide a lifetime guarantee. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. This is the best of the best.

Heavy Duty Construction, Convenient Design Makes Using It Easy!
No on/off switch or unnecessary parts to deal with! Just open it up and it’s on, close it up and it’s off. 3 AA batteries and you’ve got a full 5 hours of bright light. Don’t wait, this is the last lantern you’ll buy…we guarantee it!

Enjoy bright light…rain or shine! Easily hang the folding handles from a tree or a tent!

What Our Customers Say

LED Lantern

This is a great little lantern. Both of my daughters love using it. The lift for light and compress for storage is great. The LED light is very bright to be in such a small container. It doesn't take up much storage space and is great for camping. I place it in my trunk for emergencies when not camping. It has a very cute and unique design. It isn't just your typical flashlight. I would recommend purchasing this product to anyone who is looking for quality lighting in a unique and small package. 

By Suzie S on January 3, 2016

 Very Light, Extremely Portable, And Fun to Have!

If you are looking for a lantern that is truly portable, lightweight and easy to use, this fits the bill perfectly.

When I first pulled the lantern out of the box, I wondered how much light it would actually deliver. Having owned a couple of other LED lamps (that quit working within the first few days) I wondered how well this would stand up. I put the required AA batteries in (easy to do; just unscrew the bottom cover and pop them in and replace the cover) and turned on the lantern. There is nothing special about turning the lantern on ... just extend the handles, hold onto the bottom and extend the top part of the lantern by pulling on the handles. I actually like this because I do not have to fumble with finding the button or knob to turn the thing on. Turning it off is just as simple. Just collapse the lantern. 

By A. WALD on August, 17, 2015

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