Hiking & Camping LED Lantern - Ultra Bright, Collapsible and Lightweight (30% Off)

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Xtreme Bright® Hiking & Camping LED Lantern - Super Light, Brightest LEDs, Water Resistant, Weighs Only 3 Ounces! Perfect For Campers, Hunters or Hikers. Easily Fits In Your Backpack, Completely Collapsible, 100% Lifetime Guarantee

“A Light, Bright, Easy-to-Use Lantern That Doubles as A Flashlight!”
Unless you’d like to lug around a heavy lantern or be disappointed with a cheap imitator…Our super bright, 3 ounces, fully collapsible lantern is your answer! Set it on the ground, in your tent, or hang it from a tree. You’ll always have dependable light when you need it!

Here’s What a Few of Our Raving Fans Are Saying
“Very innovative design” “Perfect for camping or hiking” “I absolutely love it” “Fits right in my backpack” “No cords or winding up to mess with” “Very well built and convenient” “Perfect lantern for in the car”

Any Hiker or Camper NEEDS This…Light, Bright, Dependable When You Need It
For less than you’d pay for a date, you can make your next hiking or camping trip a blast with a super bright, dependable lantern when you need it! Don’t settle for a cheap imitator or use clunky old lanterns, equip yourself with the best.

What Better Gift to Give Your Loved Ones to Keep Them Safe?
Why not give your loved ones a gift you can both enjoy? Keep them safe and give yourself the peace of mind knowing they’ve got light when they need it! Hurry before we run out of stock.

Obnoxiously Bright, Water Resistant, Weights Literally 3 Ounces
Super bright LED light that runs on just 3 AA batteries (lasts for up to 10 hours!), weighs only 3 ounces, and collapses down to just 2 x 3.5 inches (about the size of a hockey puck). Water resistant so you’ve got light even in storms!

How Much Easier Would Your Camping or Hiking Trip Be with This?
Think about it…how nice would it be to have a super lightweight lantern that collapses down to easily fit in your backpack, that looks super cool, and that’s obnoxiously bright? Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just simply in the dark…this is the perfect lantern for you.

The Best Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee ($19.99 Value), Included for FREE!
Our 100% NO questions asked, NO hassle money back OR replacement guarantee is the best in the business. Don’t be fooled by imitators. Think about it…Do they provide a guarantee like ours? Why not? This is the best of the best.

Stylish Design Comes in A Variety of Colors, Lanterns Don’t Have to Be Boring!
Choose from yellow, hot pink, or hot blue. Have some fun while enjoying your hiking or camping! Collapse it and it can be used as a super bright flashlight. Don’t wait; order yours today, you don’t want to miss this!


  • The Lightest & Brightest Lantern
    Light & bright at 2 inches tall, weighing just 3 ounces…camping or hiking just got easy!
  • Water-Resistant, Fully Collapsible & Reliable
    Reliable and durable light even in rain! Collapses down to easily fit in your backpack or purse.
  • Perfect Gift for a Hiker, Camper, Fisherman or Hunter!
    When collapsed it doubles as a super bright flashlight. 3 AA batteries lasts up to 10 hours!
  • Don't Waste Time or Money on Cheap Imitations…
    Let’s be real, there’s cheap junk out there. Ours is fully guaranteed because it’s quality built.
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee ($19.99 Value) INCLUDED FREE!
    What if something happens? Buy ours and you’re covered, GET YOURS NOW!

What Our Customers Say

Surpasses expectations

This is a great little item. I use it while visiting my family and since I share the room with a baby, the ability to adjust the light makes all the difference.

It is easy to go from a flashlight to a lantern, it folds down in a flash, and while I have not used the handle, I could see it being very handy since item is so light and bright. I am thinking of giving one to all my grandchildren for those walks and bike rides in the evening and to have handy for any power outages. Packed nicely in a small square box.

By relntlss on March 26, 2016


Have one for every room

Seriously! I just keep ordering them. They are space saving, use AA batteries, have incredible packaging, come in cute colors, are affordable, and have decent light, especially if you place them high enough to spread throughout the room. Someone recommended them on a YouTube channel about emergency kits, and then I began researching them. I had gotten caught with only one oil lantern during a power outage. I decided I couldn't afford to let that happen again, especially when there is such an affordable, cute, and space saving option as this. While larger lamps might provide more light, it is a huge bang for your buck. Highly recommend!

By Fuzzmom on March 5, 2016

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