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Xtreme Bright® Pro Series Elite Lantern Includes Remote, Ultra Bright LED Flashlight & Camping Lantern And Bulbs Which Never Needs To Be Changed - Comes In 3 Colors, Clean White, Midnight Black & Garnet Red

The Xtreme Bright® Pro series Elite lantern is the perfect high-powered lantern and flashlight for all your outdoor recreational activities. An infrared remote (pictured above) works from up to 20 feet away, so you can operate the lantern from virtually anywhere within your campsite. With 24 ultra-bright LED bulbs, the extreme lantern is great for all types of outdoor activities, but with a built in Compass - see above pictures, this lantern is nothing short of essential for every camping, hiking, hunting and fishing excursion. The lantern can be used as a super bright light for a workshop or garage, and also a great addition to your hiking and camping accessories. The lantern is battery powered and the bulbs never need to be changed. 


  • 24 super-bright diodes never need replacing & create extra safety & comfort for you & your family. Perfect for Fishing, Hiking & more! Easily hang this lamp anywhere from its main handle & hidden fold-up hook.
  • Turn on/off from across the campsite! Convenient radio switch with 20 ft. range means you effortlessly control this light from anywhere in camp.
  • Always find your path in the wilderness with the handy compass built into the design.
  • Keep this light in your workshop when at home for a durable, strong, easy-to-hang tool useful for changing the oil on the car or dealing with power outages.
  • Your handy portable lighting equipment solution comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee 

What Our Customers Say

The Remote Control Is Great

This is the best lantern design I have seen. The designer has added many extras which include a multi-purpose tuff rubber-like plastic handle that has an accurate compass, a fold-out hook that will be wonderful for hanging the lantern from the ceiling of the tent, and a loop to attach the remote control for easy storage. I tested the remote control and to works at over 30 feet away. The remote control is what I appreciate the most about this lantern. We camp on the north shore of Lake Superior and at night it gets down into the 30's in August. Once you are in your sleeping bag no one wants to crawl out to turn out the lantern. With this lantern you just need to click the remote and it is off. Quality materials are used throughout the lantern. The body is made with high quality plastics and the base is rubber so it is slip free. The light is bright enough to be the only light you will need for the picnic table to play games or build s'mores.

By SEMH on April, 12, 2015


Great Camping Lantern with Remote Control

This Elite Lantern with remote control is so cool! It needs 3 D batteries for the lamp, and 2 AAA batteries for the remote control. Batteries are not included. In the beginning, we couldn't make the lantern go after putting in the batteries. Then we found out there is an arrow in the battery compartment indicating the direction to put it. This can be helpful every time when replacing the batteries. After getting the batteries right to get them both working, they work super! The light is bright. Button on the lantern let me to choose to use the remote control or manually turn it on and off. Though it has pretty long distance reception, but it only works when the remote pointing right to the lantern. If the lantern is facing back from the remote, it won't get the signal.

The lantern is well made. It is not flimsy at all. Even with the 3 D cell batteries, the weight is light. It has a handle to be hung or carried. On the top of the handle is a build-in compass and it functions well too. I have got some lanterns with compass, but the compass doesn't work, cheap made. This one is great quality, durable and works great.

I got this Elite lantern at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. I test out the product and I really love it. I honestly recommend it.

By Keither Selling on April, 17, 2015

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