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Xtreme Bright® Super Pro Series 17 LED Lantern Is A Powerful Lantern/Flashlight Featuring 17 LED Lights, 2 Settings Inc. Energy-Saving Mode - Long-Lasting Battery - Built-in Sports Compass, Handy Handle/Hook. Perfect Outdoor Tabletop Lantern For Fishing, Boating, Camping & More - Sky Blue, Citron Yellow & Seafoam Green

This powerful camping lantern comes equipped with 17 brilliant LED’s so you never need to change a bulb again. It features a handy topside compass for quick navigation when you need it. Has 2 light-modes: Normal & 50% power to help save energy so you can use it longer. See images above. Perfect light for the workshop, boating, fishing, or any outdoor sports activities. Has handy hook so you can position it easily, comes in three colors and features our 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee

  • LED lantern features handy compass built into top to help you stay on course in an emergency
  • Camping gear lantern – 2 lighting modes including an energy saving mode to extend battery life
  • 17 super-brilliant LED lights – no need to replace bulbs in this durable, versatile lantern
  • 360° Illumination with no heat, flash or shadow
  • Perfect light in your workshop; Great addition to your camping equipment, fishing or boating
  • Buy our brightest lantern available and get it with our 100% Money-Back, Satisfaction Guarantee

    What Our Customers Say

    You Won't Get Lost with This Lantern

    With a built-in compass on the top of this nifty lantern, you will never not know which direction to go again. Once the 4 'C' batteries are in place, the lantern has a heavier feel to it and does not swing around as much. The "silver" base comes with a blue wrapping on it for protection in transit. This peels off easily. The handle folds down and due to the design does not hit the thick plastic light covering, instead touching two of the four metal uprights. When up, the handle can obviously be used to hold or you could use it to hang the lantern up. There are two thick pieces of welded metal on the handle wrapping around the plastic knobs on the top of the lamp. The top of the handle also a plastic piece screwed in four places to hold it in place and to also make it comfortable to hold. Out of that top plastic piece comes a hook for easier hanging. All in on, including the extending hook, the lantern measures approximately 13" high. The lantern itself, without the handle, measures approximately 8 1/4".

    So what about the brightness of the light? This lantern happened to arrive just as were taking a camping trip so it was perfect timing. If you are walking to the bathrooms etc. in the dark, then this lantern certainly leads the way. For use in one area, it does need to be hung up to work efficiently. I hung it up over our table and the light was bright enough to be able to read with. Now obviously it wasn't as bright as daylight! Sitting it on a table does not work as the light not only gets in your eyes but it doesn't diffuse properly but that's why it has a hook so you can hang it up!

    All in all a nice lantern. Sturdy? Well, I didn't give it a drop test to see how hard it was to smash but under normal usage I can't see it breaking or cracking.

    Please note that I was given this lantern in exchange for an honest review. The words and thoughts above are 100% my own. Happy camping y'all!

    By Liz Pomeroy on April, 10, 2015


    It's Perfect and I love It

    It's perfect & I love it! My husband took our children camping while I was away on a business trip. Often times we have to carry many flashlights because of how fast they run out especially when doing night time activities.

    As I slept, I heard my phone go off at 2 Am and saw it was my husband so I automatically went into panic mode! The kids were laughing and giggling because they were reading scary night stories in the tent and were so happy no one had to hold a flash light. They told me the light has been on for hours and its super bright. They even went on to tell me that they walk to a nearby pond with it to see if they could fish at night. They continued to brag about how they made mores and hotdog's. Geeze I was kind of jealous, here I am working & my husband and kids are having a blast. But that's what life is all about.

    The next day I called in the morning and no answer, so later that afternoon I get a call back they all fell asleep while reading books and my son say " Mom guess what? That lantern you got is still on! " I was like wow that's great ... he said " Awesome mom " I wanted to die laughing.

    I sometimes get contacted by manufacturers or sellers who ask that I provide an unbiased review. This is one of those products. I assure you that I review what I want, when I want, how I want, in order to share what I feel is the most accurate useful information.

    By fatima henriques on April, 14, 2015

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