Rewarding Reviews Club

we want YOUR opinion

Here at Rewarding Reviews Club our mission is simple... We're going to get you brand new products to test for near nothing, get your feedback, and support amazing charities in the process...You In?


Our clients are constantly bringing innovative products to market, and our chosen marketplace is Naturally they want to know your thoughts first! You'll have the opportunity to give your unbiased opinion, keep the product that you test, and better yet you'll support some amazing charities.


A bold claim no doubt...but one we at Rewarding Reviews Club believe in. Imagine being able to get ahold of the newest gear for $1, give your unbiased opinion and that dollar helps someone who needs it. Kinda feels like the world just got a bit better :-)


Rewarding Reviews Club has partnered with charities like St. Jude Children's Hospital and Wounded Warrior Project. When you take us up on a product test for $1, it's all donated to help those that need it...pretty cool huh?

Just give us your BEST email...these opportunities don't last long

Don't worry, we hate SPAM too. You'll only hear from us when we've got an unbelievably awesome product for you to test, while supporting a meaningful charity in the process. Watch your inbox.

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