Power Outage

Received my headlamp, loaded the batteries, donned it, and tested it. About 2 days after receiving the headlamp we had a power outage due to severe weather. Fortunately for me, I had my new headlamp. Used it for the first time, albeit unexpectedly. Worked great and got me through the couple hours of darkness until power was restored. What did I do while the power was out? I used my headlamp to read. This is a great product. Recommend it for anyone needing to work in dark spaces or for night running or hiking.

June 9, 2015


Good Light

I used the light I bought for a night trail run I did locally. It was a little heavy on my head after a while, but gave off great light and I was able to see a good distance in front of me.

By Elva on May 28, 2015


Second Purchase

Bought one for my wife’s bike a month ago. When I realized that I had just purchased the BEST bike light on the market, I knew that I would be jealous if I didn’t get a replacement for my generator driven light. Keep up the good work and don’t sacrifice the quality of your products for profit or price.

By James A. Dudek on April 4, 2015


The Brightest and Best Headlamp

I first purchased the Xtreme Bright Pro Series X55 from Amazon and was extremely pleased with this headlamp. The X55 is about twice the size of this product. I decided I needed a smaller version of the X55 so I found the Xtreme Bright headlamp on the Xtreme Bright website. This headlamp is the perfect size for use at work and is just as bright…which by the way insanely bright. The pivoting headlamp moves smoothly without getting stuck. The strap adjusts easily, the zoom on the headlight is very smooth without sticking. I have been looking for a very long time for the perfect headlamp and I have finally found it. I HIGHLY recommend this headlamp for any use.

January 7, 2015


As Advertised

This lamp is comfortable. The vertical adjustment allows the light to be directed where I want without unwanted head movement. The light magnification adjustment is helpful when I need to focus on a particular part of my project. Also good for reading in low light or dark rooms.

December 4, 2014



Most head lights are rated by candle light, the Xtreme head light should rate by Torch light. IT”S BRIGHT!

By Kajomo on September 13, 2014


Blinkin Fool!

Plenty of lumens, small size

By Lynn on September 7, 2014


Best light I’ve ever purchased

This product is exceptional. It’s the brightest thing on the road! The multiple modes and scope feature give me the ability to see, and for cars to see me. I’d recommend this light to others.

July 10, 2014


This Light Is Well Worth the Price

You get what you pay for a tough bright light that is well made and shows you the way.

By Freddie Robinson on April 1, 2014

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