Escape Tool 8-in1 LED Flashlight with Emergency Glass Breaker (35% Off)

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Xtreme Bright® Seat-belt Cutter - Emergency Escape Tool. #1 Tool to Keep Your Family Safe! 8-In-1 LED Flashlight, Window Breaker Hammer, Saw or Pocket Knife, Scissors, Bottle Opener, Screwdriver and Emergency Beacon - The Ultimate Vehicle Emergency Survival Kit! 100% Lifetime Guarantee!

All The Tools You Need to Keeps You & Your Loved Ones Safe
You’ve heard those horror stories of people being trapped in their vehicle…Unless you’d like try your luck with other cheap escape tools or do nothing at all…Our safe, secure, reliable, easy to use, life-saving escape tool is your answer! Equipping yourself and your family with this tool could save their life.

A Must-Have Tool for Every Vehicle at a Price That Makes Sense
For less than the cost of a dinner, you can give yourself or loved one the comfort and peace of mind of having a life-saving tool right at your fingertips in case of an emergency. A must-have for all vehicles. Feel better, order a few today.

8 Tools in 1, Maximum Protection Right at Your Fingertips
You’re getting an ultra-bright LED flashlight with an emergency beacon, recessed stainless steel seat belt cutter, glass hammer, screwdriver, ice pick, saw, pocket knife & bottle opener all in 1 compact tool! No need for a glove compartment full of tools. This single tool gives you ALL the protection you need in an emergency.

Every Vehicle Needs One! Don’t Wait for Something Tragic to Happen.
Makes a perfect gift! What good is your tool if you forgot it in your spouse’s car? Do yourself and your family a favor, equip EVERY vehicle with one of these. You’ll thank yourself later. 


  • Protect Your Family For Any Emergency
    Wouldn’t you feel safer, more secure, and have greater peace of mind if your family was protected?
  • #1 Toughest & Most Durable Emergency Tool You'll Ever Need
    This isn’t a little cheap tool…it’s the real deal. Put it to the test, it won’t let you down.
  • All the Tools Right at Your Fingertips!
    Ultra bright LED flashlight, stainless steel seat-belt cutter, glass hammer, screwdriver, pocketknife and emergency beacon!
  • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee ($15.99 Value) INCLUDED FREE!
    Flashlight + Escape tool + Swiss Army Knife…8 for the price of 1, guaranteed for life!

What Our Customers Say

This can be someone's life saving tool!

This product is a must have for every person that travels. This tools is simply amazing. When I opened the box it looked super nice and sturdy.

The tool has a hammer to break a window. Nicely tucked in the handheld and can be released with the push of a button.Other tools are a little knife, scissors, bottle opener, screw driver, seat belt cutter and flashlight.

With this tool I am prepared for almost anything. I can cut my seat belt, I can break a window and shine a light when it is dark.... This can be someones lifesaver. I received this product with a discount, but my friend loved the tool so much that he purchased it right away for his family.

By R. Cali on October 9, 2015


This is a great multipurpose flashlight designed for basically anything one could need in an emergency.

An emergency window breaking tool, a multi-tool and a multi function flashlight. This is a great multipurpose flashlight designed for basically anything one could need in an emergency. The flashlight has three modes, full bright, half bright and strobe, you're also able to change the focus from a wide beam to a focused one. The window breaking tool has a locking function, so it can safely stay locked closed or open without worry of it breaking off. The multi-tool contains your average tools, such as a small blade, scissors and screwdriver head. It's a great items to keep in your glove compartment of your car or to carry around in a backpack, because you'll never know when or if you'll need it! 

By Delebird on September 22, 2015

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