Illumilock Cable Bike Lock with LED Lighted Combination

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Xtreme Bright® Illumilock Bike Cable Lock - #1 LED Bicycle Lock - Keeps Your Bike 100% Safe & Protected! The Only of it's Kind.  A High Quality Security Lock Which is Pick & Drill Resistant, Quick & Easy Lock & Unlock. Military Grade Braided Stainless Steel Makes it Strong & Reliable.  Comes with 100% Lifetime Guarantee

“An Amazingly Easy-to-Use Lock Which Lights Up So I Can Always See My Combination…Even in The Dark”
If you’d like to keep your bike safe and secure, without dealing with the headache of trying to see your combination at night, you’ve found your answer. With the quick and easy lock and unlocking, you’ll never struggle or fumble with your bike again!

Here’s What a Few of Our Raving Fans Are Saying
“Very innovative design” “Perfect for any bike” “I absolutely love it” “Attaches and detaches in seconds without tools” “Keeps my bike safe and secure at night” “Very well built and convenient” “Perfect for my family”

Anybody with A Bicycle Needs This…Keep Your Bike Safe from Being Stolen!
For less than the cost of a helmet, you can get your hands on the only LED bike lock in the world. Don’t settle for a cheap imitators or deal with plain old bike locks anymore. Order the best from us for a reasonable price –we’re guaranteed for life!

What Better Gift to Keep Your Loved Ones Bike Safe & Secure?
Give your loved ones a gift they’ll absolutely love! Not only can they keep their bikes safe and secure, they can also finally see their combination at night. No more trying to use their phone or point it toward a street light, locking their bike just got easy!

How Much Did You Pay for Your Bike? Why Not Protect Your Investment?
You’ve paid good money for your bike, would you kick yourself if it got stolen? Regular locks don’t protect you the way Xtreme Bright does. We’ve got military grade stainless steel, an LED light to illuminate it at night, and it’s pick & drill resistant!

The Only LED Bike Lock in The World! FREE Bonus Gift ($4.99 Value)
This is literally the ONLY bike lock in the world with LED. Order today and we’ll even throw in our convenient bike mount (usually sold for $4.99) so that you can detach it and take it with you for FREE! 

The Best Lifetime Guarantee ($19.99 Value), Included for FREE!
Our 100% Lifetime Guarantee is the best in the business. Don’t be fooled by imitators. Think about it…Do they provide a guarantee like ours? Why not? This is the best of the best.

Highest Security Pick & Drill Resistant, Quick & Easy Lock and Unlock, Military Grade Braided Stainless Steel
Don’t mess around with regular locks. Give our military grade braided stainless steel, 3.5 foot length, 650 lb pull strength tested, and super easy lock and unlock technology a try today! We know you’ll love it, that’s why we guarantee it.


  • The Only LED Bike Lock in the World!
    Keep your bike safe & locked and never have to struggle with seeing your combination in the dark!
  • Want to Keep Your Bike Safe AND See Your Combination at the Same Time?
    Take advantage of the high-powered blue LED to easily illuminate your combination.
  • Know Someone with a Bike? This is the PERFECT Gift!
    Fits any bike, quick and easy to lock or unlock. Easily set and change the combination!
  • How Much Did You Pay For Your Bike?  Do You Want To See it Get Stolen?
    You already paid good money for your bike, why not spend a little more to protect it!

What Our Customers Say

This lock is perfect. I love the quick light up feature

This lock is perfect. I love the quick light up feature, the ease of setting the combination, the look, feel, and light heft, and the special slip that locks it on to my bike while I ride. I don't have to go looking for it before I head out or worry about carrying a bag for my lock while I ride. Every element on the lock feels well-made with smoothly sliding numbers and effortless locking, unlocking, and snapping into place on the frame. I am definitely satisfied with the value of this lock.

By G. Natalie on May 23, 2016

 Great product/great company

Product and seller both get an A+. This is a well-designed lock, which allows you to set the combination you want, and change it at any time. The lighted numerical readout is an obvious plus, as I do a fair amount of riding after dark. After I got the lock, I realized that I would like to be able to use it on both my road bike and my commuter hybrid bike, so I wrote to Triumph Innovations and asked them if they would sell me an additional mounting bracket so I could easily move the lock from one bike to the other. They said that, instead of selling me one, they would send me one free of charge. That is the kind of customer service you don't see much of anymore. Very highly recommended.

By B. Kemper on May 10, 2016

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