Illumilock Super U-Lock Bike Lock & Tail Light Set

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This high-quality bike u-lock and rear taillight represents the ultimate in bike safety and security. Made of military-grade steel, it's drill and pick-proof and comes with two keys; one of which has an LED light on it so you’re not fumbling in the dark. The rear taillight features 3 settings: solid red, flashing red and emergency strobe.  It also doubles as a handy mounting bracket for the U-Lock when it’s not in use. 100% Lifetime Guarantee so order yours today.

The Ultimate in Safety & Security!

  • Xtreme Bright® Super U-lock comes with 2 keys – One with an LED light for optimal night time safety
  • Lock is drill & pick-proof – Great addition for your kids bike accessories and safety equipment
  • Rear bike light has 3 light modes: Solid, Flash & Strobe and is a mounting bracket for the U-Lock when not in use
  • Illumilock Super U-lock measures 16 cm (inside length) and 7 cm (inside width)
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee – Order yours today

What Our Customers Say

Terrific product

Excellent concept and solid lock. Lock, light, and mount - all work well together and very practical. Also, when putting mount onto seat pole, I encountered a very minor problem and got in touch with the company via e-mail with a question. They responded immediately and were extremely helpful. Great customer support if you need it, but most will not, since mounting operation is straightforward and simple. Highly recommended product.

By Mary Gordon on February 29, 2016

 Best U-Lock and Worth Every Penny!

This is an excellent U-Lock! The product came on time and better than expected. The box came with the U-Lock, a set of two keys, a light, a pack of screws, and extra grip tape in case the size for your bicycle is not correct. The light itself is awesome it has three different settings that you can change by a red button on the side of the light, it can go from steady to strobe light fast depending on your preference. The light can also fit just about any bicycle stem and if you are having any issues it come with two different grip tapes to ensure it stays in place. The kit also comes with the screws and bolts for convenient placing on your stem. The U-Lock itself is amazing quality it would be extremely difficult to get off or try and break, I don't believe bolt cutters would even work. Making your bike safe anywhere you go. It is a little heavy, but not too heavy to where it is difficult to carry places, it is very portable and you can place it anywhere to take with you. The set comes with two keys and what I did not notice at first was the keys have a small button that you can press and a little, but strong light shines so if it is dark out you can see where to unlock the U-Lock. This is by far the best U-Lock I have ever owned and I have been riding bikes as a means of regular transportation for about ten years now. I will be purchasing another one for my husband as he also regularly rides his bike as a means of transportation.

By Amanda Emerson on December 3, 2015

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