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Xtreme Bright® Ultra Torch Bike Light - Powerful, Durable 250-Lumen Combination LED Bike Headlight-Taillight Provides Brilliant, Long-Lasting Illumination For Maximum Security And Safety. Built For The Serious Bike Rider

This durable, long-lasting, high-quality bike head light-tail light combination meets all the toughest requirements of the seasoned cyclist, see above images. It’s shock and water resistant case can handle the toughest trails. The long-lasting battery provides more than 100 hours of use. The 250 Lumen LED headlight provides brilliant illumination for optimal safety in dark conditions.


  • Durable bike light features 3 modes including energy-saving mode for longer use, strobe and flash to light your way and be safely seen
  • Shock and water resistant to take the punishment of biking on the roughest terrain while maintaining its integrity for longer life
  • Lasts more than 100 hours on a fully-charged battery to ensure your safety on those long bike trips – Finally no more battery life worries
  • Comes with 2 FREE Tail Lights for added value and safety, ensuring you’re always visible from behind even in the toughest conditions
  • Backed by our 100% No Questions Asked LIFETIME GUARANTEE so order with confidence

What Our Customers Say

Perfect light and fantastic customer service

The light works fantastically and is very bright. The mount is easy to install and move from bike to bike. The mount comes with rubber strips so it fits snugly on practically any diameter handlebars. The back red flashers work great too!

The customer service by the company is what really gives this 5 stars. They are prompt, so courteous, and really stand behind their product. I would recommend this to my family and will definitely be buying from this company again.

By lacrossgirl on April 6, 2016


Best choice for a be-seen light.

The main light is bright, and as the batteries degrade... it gets dimmer so you have plenty of warning to swap batteries. No reason you couldn't use it with rechargeables, but they don't generally perform well below freezing. (and rechargeables don't run down as gracefully as Alkalines do)

I think this light is about as bright as I want to use with regular dry cell batteries... It is a great backup to a fancy set or as a primary be-seen-light when you ride thru the city. I use roughly 2 sets of batteries per season in it. (I like rechargeable batteries, but you can't beat the 10 second dead-battery-to-full-battery swap time, low temperature performance of alkaline batteries, and overall dependability of alkaline batteries... plus no silly recharge-cable to misplace or carry with you everywhere when you commute)

I have not been thru a good soaking rain with it yet, but the construction seems like it'll be OK as long as it stays pointed down-ish--I'd guess 10-15 degrees or more 'south' of horizontal. The plastic mounting loop seems a little brittle/thin, but only years of use will prove that good or bad... It moves between bikes rapidly (and often at my house!). I like that they used a standard nut in the mount, so if it strips--you can replace it. Also, the nut won't fall out without some effort... I like that too. If you remove the inserts you can mount the light upside down and point it.

By david1024 on January 9, 2016

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