Ultimate Bike Kit - Bike Headlight, Rear Taillight, Pump and LED Combination Lock

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Xtreme Bright® Ultimate Bike Kit Is The High Quality Durable, All-In-One LED Bike Kit Which Includes a Headlight, Taillight, LED Combination Cable Lock & Frame Mounted Bike Pump. This Combination Provides The Ultimate In Rock-Solid Security And Convenience

This 4 in 1 cycling accessory package provides the ultimate in protection, safety and security from theft, and accidents.Utilizing high-strength steel, pick-proof, illuminating combination lock, and durable air pump, you’ll be equipped to take on the challenges of the toughest bike trips…AND the price is a fraction of what it would cost to buy each separately.


  • Shock and water resistant 250 Lumen head light and rear tail light provides brilliant illumination of the road for safety and security
  • Lights feature energy-saving mode providing more than 100 hours of brilliant illumination ensuring you always get where you’re going safely
  • Bike lock features an LED light to display lock combination in the dark. Made from military-grade steel cable, It's drill and pick-proof for best defense against theft
  • 120 PSI frame mounted bike pump provides solid air pressure and mounts easily to frame ensuring your tire pressure is always at optimum level.  Presta & Schrader Compatible
  • Order with confidence with our 100% Lifetime Guarantee


What Our Customers Say

Very good combo kit for bike

Just got this today, and am very impressed with it so far. I bought this because I needed a light for my girlfriend's bike, and this made the most logical sense for the money. I mean not only did we receive the headlight that she needed, but also a tail light, bike pump and a like with an LED on it that is very bright and useful for our doggie trailer. I will let you know in a month if this product is still as good as today.

Update from above review.
The light is still very bright for the front and tail light. Works amazing. The lock we use on our doggie trailer and is really nice as we just lock the frame to the fence at the West Orange Trail here in Orlando. My only gripe or complaint would be what everyone else has said about the pump, broke the first time as the handle is cheaply made, and you cannot really pump your tires up to hard with it. However, it does come with needles to pump up sports equipment and works very well with those. I however never contacted the company about replacing the pump, as I really just bought this kit for the headlamp. So everything else was an added bonus for the money. Highly recommend to most.

By alexander zgura on January 12, 2016


Great bike kit for new bikers

My husband decided to buy him and the boys mountain bikes. I didn't get one because I made a comment about us not living in the mountain, and it wasn't met with appreciation for the joke. However, as expensive as they were, it didn't come with anything extra. Just bike. Back in the day, a bike would come with a bike, basket, light, locks and all sorts of neat things. Luckily there is the High Quality and Durable Bike Kit by Xtreme Bright. It has a bike lock, headlight-tail-light, and bike pump all in one package.

It truly is durable because it withstood my 9 year using the pump to put air in the tires, my oldest son wanting to put the lights on himself and dropping them like a zillion times before he successfully got it on (even though the directs were easy to follow and straight forward but of course he didn't use the directions).  I recommend this kit to anyone that is buying or just purchased a bike because it is way cheaper than getting everything separate and it is durable

By Patricia Watson on August 11, 2015

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