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Xtreme Bright® Ultra Pocket Work-Lantern - Portable Work-Light Has 9 Ultra Bright (160 Lumens) LED Lights - Powerful Magnet Built-In To Bottom & Clip - Perfect Addition To Your Outdoor Backpack Accessories - Far Superior To Basic Handheld Flashlights

This sleek, pocket pen light makes the perfect flashlight for any job. The 9, 160 Lumen LED’s provide brilliant illumination for any task. See images above. It also has powerful magnets on the end and the 180° rotating clip so you can attach it to virtually any metal surface to help focus the powerful light exactly where you need it. It’s a great addition to your camping, automotive or recreational vehicle gear and comes with our 100% Money-Back, Lifetime Guarantee so order today with confidence!


  • 9 bright, LED lights generating 160 Lumens – One of the brightest portable flashlights available
  • Pen-Style, workshop light has powerful magnets built-in to end & clip – Attach to any metal surface
  • Night-light/flashlight is perfect addition to your auto or recreational vehicle emergency kit
  • LED flashlight is water resistant – Fits in your pocket or backpack
  • Perfect all-weather flashlight for camping, boating, fishing – Comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee

    What Our Customers Say

    Excellent Simple Work Light for A Value Price

    Wow, this is a really nice work light! The light output is excellent, with a wide spread and no blinding hotspots like some other multi-LED work lights. I use it almost daily, and I'm still using the same set of AAA batteries from when I bought this, so it seems fairly efficient. The magnet on the base is very strong, and will stick anywhere - vertically or horizontally. The magnet on the clip isn't as strong, but is strong enough to adhere it to a stationary surface. The build quality is very good. It feels very sturdy, everything seems to be watertight, and the click button feels to be excellent quality. I like that it's just on/off, without any silly blinking modes. It's simply a very good hand-held pen-shaped work light, at a very good price. I heartily recommend these, and will be adding them to all of my toolboxes, road safety kits, and a few of my emergency kits.

    By Mr Staack on April 27, 2016


    Xtreme Bright Ultra "Light Years" ahead of the rest

    I bought this light to replace the one my wife left on the bumper of my truck as we left on a trip. I loved the one I had so I had to order another one. Well the first one was a gift at Christmas. Not knowing where it was purchased I turned to Amazon. The Xtreme Bright Ultra looked like a suitable replacement. Did I say I loved the one that went somewhere down the highway? That one was actually OK but this new one from Xtreme Bright Ultra is LIGHT YEARS ahead of any other pocket light I've ever come across. The workmanship is outstanding and it's got a robust feel about it.

    By ditchwitch on April 27, 2016

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