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Xtreme Bright® Utility Light LED Flashlight Multi-tool - Basic Handheld Flashlight has a Pocket Knife, Saw, Screwdrivers, Hex Wrench, Fish Hook Remover & Scissors - Lightweight, Compact & Easy To Use - Perfect Fishing, Camping & Hunting Multi-tool as Well as Automotive Escape Tool

Ever find yourself in a situation where you needed a flashlight, pocketknife, screwdriver, or wrench but weren’t properly equipped? How much easier would it have been if you would have had one of these handy and reliable utility pocketknife & flashlight combos at your side?

If you’re a handyman, outdoors man, or just would like to keep this with you in case of emergency or to solve an everyday problem…this is literally the PERFECT solution!

Our #1 Utility Pocket Knife and LED Flashlight is the best and brightest multi-tool you can find! Whether it’s for survival or just everyday use, our flashlight is your ticket to safety AND problem-solving no matter where you take it or how you use it!

Perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, home repairs, and so much more! This is a must-have for any tackle box or toolbox. Even if you already have a small flashlight or pocketknife, why not get both at once and save the space?

But that’s not all, remember you also get the BEST, 100% Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee ($19.99 Value) on EVERY product you buy from us!


  • LED flashlight’s super-light, compact, ergonomic design makes it tough, durable & easy to handle
  • All-weather flashlight with more than 10 handy tools (including a knife) makes the ultimate survival tool
  • Nightlight multi-tool is perfect for camping, fishing, hunting & as an emergency escape tool
  • Keep this versatile utility tool in the glove box, tool box or backpack for dozens of different jobs
  • This multi-purpose flashlight comes with our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee so order now!

Know somebody whose pocketknife is old and worn out or doesn’t have a flashlight attached to it? This makes the PERFECT gift! For under $25, you can equip yourself or your loved one with this safe & reliable multi-tool that makes their lives that much better!

This will be the LAST utility pocketknife you’ll ever buy…we guarantee it!


What Our Customers Say

Perfect size, excellent brightness, fit and weight! Love this Flashlight/multitool so much I kept it for myself!

I should have ordered more than one to begin with, because my friend has yet to receive the birthday gift I intended this to be. It's too useful and handy for me to give away - his birthday gift is going to be late this year! This is the right size, fits comfortably in hand, has many useful "in-one" tools tucked into the handle. I've used the knife, file, screwdrivers already. Only complaint would be that the little indent on each tool by which to grip and pull it out by could be placed slightly deeper or nearer the edge to grip more securely and more easily open the various tools. Bright light that has been perfect for everything from walking outdoors, inspecting the attic to being used by tradesmen in my home (plumber, electrician, etc.) with their complement on the item.

By Joy Bee on May 22, 2015


LED Flashlight Multi tool

This is a truly great product which exceeded my expectations. It is made in the USA and by a company owned by John Gill, a company called Triumph Innovations. John Gill is a proud supporter of the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. It is an awesome combination of an extremely bright LED light and a great multifunction tool kit, all in one small device. I really find it so helpful.

By Leighton Javid on April 25, 2015

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