Xtreme Bright® LED Torch Flashlight

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Xtreme Bright® LED Torch Flashlight Comes in 3 Sizes; 12 Inch, 15 Inch and 21 Inch.  They All Come with our 100% Lifetime Warranty

A powerful torchlight is always a good idea when walking at night. This LED Flashlight is ultra bright, unbreakable (made of a super strength aerospace aluminum alloy) and has a 3 light modes, bright, low and blinking for emergencies. It's also shock and water resistant for rough handling and rough weather. The best part is, it's ultra bright light provides great protection & security. Walking at night with this heavy duty security flashlight has never been so illuminating or so convenient. Stay lit up and stay secure with our 100% Lifetime Warranty...So get your LED Torch Flashlight today!


  • Very bright Cree flashlight for security adds a new safety dimension to a nightlight flashlight
  • Heavy-duty LED flashlight made of high strength aerospace aluminum alloy for extra protection
  • Highest quality Cree LED with 3 modes switch- High, Low and Blinking output for emergencies
  • Water proof and shock resistant with a non-slip handle so you don't lose your grip
  • Effective protection walking at night, thin enough to carry inside a car and bright enough for any situation.

What Our Customers Say

It's a very nicely made item

I just received this item and I'm THRILLED!
It's a very nicely made item! It's metal and heavy, but not too heavy so that you wouldn’t want to carry it around. It's bright and has several different light settings and a wrist strap for ease of use. My son and I went for a walk after dark and I had an amazing sense of security. The three types of lights it gives off is really nice too, extra points that there is ONE button for all the features, even MORE POINTS that the button is on the END and not the side of the barrel. The extra bright light reaches SO FAR! My son especially liked the blinking emergency light. Lol. In case u didn't know, my 5-year-old found that this doubles as a "magic wand" AND "light saber" as well. :). I'm actually going to be buying several more of these for my girlfriends.

By Misty triplett on July 17, 2015


Must have for EVERY household!

I love the combination of a flashlight and a security tool! This is something every household should have! It's great for your car and your house. The flashlight is really bright, so in an emergency, no worries about not being able to see anything! The different settings for the flashlight is brilliant! You can use it as a flashlight or a strobe light (where it constantly flashes); if needed you can blind someone with it. I have it on my bedside table in case of an emergency. If I'm by myself late at night or overnight, I'm now confident I can protect myself and my kids with this tool. I especially love the wrist strap, so if needed to swing it, you won't accidentally lose the object across the room, it'll still be in your hand. I am considering getting another for our car! Again, every household needs this!

By Ashleigh on July 23, 2015

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