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Xtreme Bright® Mini Pocket Torch - LED Keychain Flashlight (Includes 2 - Red & Blue) Come with our 100% Lifetime Warranty Through Triumph Innovations Only

The Xtreme Bright® Cree LED flashlight mini torch is the perfect take along for any outdoor activity and it easily fits in your pocket, purse, tool box, tackle box, emergency kit - even small enough for children to pack in their pockets for extra safety at night. This is the perfect emergency light, hiking light or safety nightlight to keep you and your family protected during camping trips, outdoor events or anytime you need light. These LED flashlights are brighter than ordinary flashlights and this mini is no exception, it provides a very bright light with 3 light modes; bright, low and strobe (for emergencies) plus a zoom function to focus in on whatever you need to see. It's Inexpensive enough to keep several in the boat, car, recreational vehicle, pocket, purse and emergency kit. Buy the best mini torch available. So order today through Triumph Innovations and it's Guaranteed for Life!


  • 3 light modes; High, Low and Strobe for emergency plus zoom function to clearly focus on anything
  • Nightlight flashlight fits anywhere: pocket, purse, auto emergency kit or tackle box. Easy detach key chain for any situation
  • Perfect mini flashlight for boating, fishing, camping or recreational vehicle
  • Small yet bright enough for roadside emergencies, outdoor activities, concerts or work-light
  • Water resistant, unbreakable aerospace aluminum alloy protects this quality Cree LED flashlight - 100% Lifetime Guaranteed

What Our Customers Say

Sturdy, Reliable Flashlight

Excellent small flashlights. I work as a pet sitter and they are perfect to carry with me, both because of their size and their powerful beam. I've managed to drop one on cement and nothing breaks. They use AA batteries which to me is a plus as another high power flashlight I bought on Amazon required a special sized battery. These are good and cost efficient.

By dogmother on October 30, 2015


Heavy Duty, BRIGHT Light!!

These are great little flashlights to have handy!! I was very impressed with the brightness of the LED and the three different levels it could emit (low, high and strobe for emergency). I have gone through several flashlights that I attach to my key chain - the free ones you get with someones logo - but these are FAR better! The other ones just come apart and none of the pieces stay attached with all the use it goes through on a key chain. These lights however are a lot stronger and since they are also made better i feel very confident it will last. I gave one of the lights to my dad who is a farmer. He goes through flash lights like he does underwear!! He was also very impressed with how bright the LED was and excited that it would last a lot longer than his other lights.

By Becky Harris on August 31, 2015

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