Xtreme Bright® Multipurpose Work Light & Lantern

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Xtreme Bright® Multipurpose Work Light & Lantern ­Cob Led Light Offers Long Battery Life ­Hands-free, Retractable Automotive Light Bar Attaches to Any Metal Surface.  It's More Than Just a Basic Handheld Flashlight ... It's The Ultimate Camping Light & Lantern

This rugged LED flashlight utilizes Chip on Board (COB) technology for extraordinary energy-saving & long battery life. The brilliant, retractable LED center light bar makes this flashlight versatile enough to use in a variety of applications, and it attaches to any metal surface providing hands-free operation. It’s water resistant and features a nonslip rubber handle for rugged durability. The perfect LED flashlight or work lantern for sports, workshop and all your outdoor activities.


  • Ultra bright flashlight employs energy-­saving COB LED Lights on the barrel, for longer battery life
  • LED light bar attaches to any metal surface ­ Provides hands-free operation for a variety of tasks
  • Employs Cree LED technology ­ Lasts up to 50 times longer than regular incandescent flashlights
  • Use it for automotive, a camping or sports lantern, nightlight, or multi­-purpose lighting at home
  • Has rugged, nonslip, rubber handle; Water Resistant Perfect flashlight for any outdoor activity

What Our Customers Say

This flashlight totally rocks!!!

I bought this flashlight to use on my boat. Seem like most flashlights these days are cheap and don't last. Last weekend, all our flashlights broke, and I wanted to get something nice that will last. The Xtreme Bright flashlight is well made. The batteries fit into the plastic mold of the flashlight, rather than a separate module. You don't have to keep hitting it to make the light come on. The button works every time. I changed the batteries on my boat this weekend, and the magnetic base was particularly useful. The flashlight stuck right to the motor, and the light inside the handle was plenty bright for me to see everything. The main flashlight is also very bright. The manufacturer also provides a lifetime warranty and includes a letter saying that customer service is his number 1 goal. I'd give this product 6 stars if I could! 

By Brian R. on June 5, 2016


Small bright and so many uses

We love this light, and it came in pretty handy for us on several occasions. It's a small size, which is nice to go camping or have in your car in an emergency, several great uses for it. It really came in handy for us, when the weather here got pretty bad. Very windy and we lost power for several hours. I had a candle or two but didn't really want to leave a candle unattended in the bathroom, so grabbed this light. and sat it lit in the corner on the bathroom counter. It lit up the bathroom pretty well, for being small. You can either use this like you would a regular flash flight, or you can slide it out and there is like a bar type light, where it lights up across. When I used it in the bathroom that is how I used it, I slide out the bar type light. The handle the gray colored part is textured and feels rubberized in the part. The end of the light is magnetic so you can put in on your fridge for easy finding or put in other magnetic areas, that are easy access to you. The end where the magnet is also screws off and there is another lid/cap under there that comes undone too. That is where the batteries go. So with this light you get like two lights in one. The regular flash flight type or slide it out for the bar type light. They won't both go on at the same time it's either or. It feels of pretty good quality, as stated above rubberized handle. The other parts feel of good quality metal, so it does feel a bit weighted. It's not big and bulky so great for so uses as it's not going to take up a lot of room. I store mine in a drawer, where I always know where it's at when I need it. My thought on the batteries is the light is bright when you use good batteries, but as the batteries start to die out, the light dims some. Batteries I used have lasted quite a while though.

By Garcia on April 19, 2016

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