Xtreme Bright® X-3500 LED Flashlight & Power Bank All-in-One

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Xtreme Bright® X-3500 Led Light & Power Bank Flashlight Features Rechargeable Power Supply ­ 3500 mAh Battery ­Micro & Standard USB Cables ­ Charges Any USB Connect Device: Cell Phones, Laptops or Tablets ­ Makes A Perfect Mp3 Player Charging Station

This brilliant LED flashlight is also a USB recharging hub for all your USB & micro­ USB connect devices. See images above. It features a powerful 3500 mAh battery, 2 USB cables (including 1 micro­ USB), unique ‘Zoom’ focus, & 3 different light modes: 100% brightness, energy conservation & emergency strobe lighting. It’s perfect for camping, hiking, boating or fishing. Put one in your auto emergency kit or recreational vehicle for brilliant light wherever you need it.


  • LED flashlight has rechargeable, 3500mAh battery power bank ­ Includes Micro & Standard USB cables
  • USB rechargeable flashlight has ‘Zoom’ function & 3 light modes: 100% Brightness, 50% & Strobe
  • Power bank charges any USB/Micro ­USB device: Cell phones, laptops, tablets & MP3 players & more
  • Great LED light for boating, camping, fishing, or in your recreational vehicle or auto emergency kit
  • All-­weather flashlight/USB charge hub is water resistant ­ High-quality ­ Military Grade material

What Our Customers Say

AND I LOVE IT! The brightest flashlight I've ever owned in

I LOVE IT! The brightest flashlight I've ever owned in a compact size that's rechargeable, a beam that I can focus, and I can charge all my other electronics from it! And if you get the pleasure to deal with John you'll find he stands behind his products, any means what he says!

I have worked face to face with my customers in their Homes, and on the phone for all of FORTY YEARS.  There are a lot of people who must be trained for customer service, and others who just know the right thing to do... When I first started working back in the mid-seventies, I worked for Sears and Roebuck.  You may not be old enough to remember, but printed over their door and on every credit card was their mission statement, simply "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK" in gold letters!  Thank you for having EXCELLENT customer service!
While I completely understand that "stuff happens" in business, it is all about how you recover........well done sir!


By Steven Lasko on December, 22, 2015


Great flashlight

High quality flashlight, the x-3500 is bright and the charge lasts a long time. I haven't used it to recharge other devices yet, but good to know that it has that capability. To switch between strobe or brightness you don't have to fully press the button all the way in which is nice. The zoom feature lets you pin point what you want or need to see and pulling back to the flood feature allows you to see a large area. It's a great tool, affordable and well worth the money.

By Loyal Customer on January 16, 2016

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