Xtreme Bright® X-4500 LED Light & Power Bank

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Xtreme Bright X-4500 Led Light and Power Bank, 350 Lumen LED Flashlight Has 3 Light Modes and is a Cell Phone Charger or USB Device Charger All-in-One – No Need for External Cell Phone Battery Packs

If you’re going to have a flashlight handy, why not own one that offers multiple functions for any lighting situation? The X-4500 is one button control (one hand only) with 3 modes: bright, half-bright and flashing lights flashlight (strobe) for roadside emergencies. This nightlight flashlight has a USB port to recharge your cell phone, MP3 player or any USB compatible device. But the convenience doesn’t stop there; the Xtreme Bright® X-4500 is a USB rechargeable flashlight, no need for expensive batteries. Use for camping, hiking, boating, emergencies and outdoor activities – plus it takes the place of a USB car charger – what more could you want? Comes with our 100% Lifetime Warranty!



  • One button function LED flashlight with 3 light modes: Bright, Half-Bright and Strobe for roadside emergencies
  • Water and shock resistant military grade construction – won’t break when dropped or handled roughly
  • Zoom function works in all 3 light modes to focus light in any circumstance – camping, boating, work light, outdoor events
  • Compact and durable – will fit in pocket, purse, emergency kit or auto glove box. Perfect bad weather flashlight
  • Charges USB/Micro USB compatible products: MP3, cell phones, etc. Rechargeable, no need to buy batteries – Clip and keychain included


What Our Customers Say

Xtreme Bright X-4500 LED Flashlight and much more

Xtreme Bright X-4500 LED Flashlight and much more. I gave this to my grandson for Christmas He was so excited because it is such a nice flash light and also he can charge his cell phone from the light. It has three light modes that he can use. He really liked the Zoom on the light. He can also charge his MP3 player. He does a lot of hiking and this flashlight will be a wonderful for him. Even if it rains this flashlight is water resistant.

By Mary Alice Ross on January 26, 2016


Great flashlight and battery!

Very nice flashlight.. Very bright!! The slide focus is very easy to use and gives a great range of light. As a battery, it charges my phone very fast, much more so than any other battery pack I have. My biggest complaint on this light, is the power button. The rear cap must be removed to turn the light on, making the light slow to use. If the cap is left off, the button is very sensitive, and prone to accidental switching. My solution to this was to remove the clear lens on the rear cap, though this diminishes the water resistance

By Josh V on January 19, 2016

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